Poker Calculator Report: Becoming Too Reliant on Software


I have an interesting conversation with a customer of my last week website that brought up some critical points about using poker calculators in your internet game. Through our exchanges I found George, I was fascinated with calculating the precise mathematical answer for his every move. Let me tell you now, that as a proponent of using poker calculators, you should make them an assistant that frees up your mind and allows you to concentrate on your opponents.

George was right when he wrote to me and was able to distinguish the differences between certain poker calculators and the calculations they made. For example, some use very complex mathematical computations, while others may use more general rounded figures, and still others take Sklansky’s group rating and EV factors into consideration. Even the software contact me and asked me to push their poker calculator because it had a new, protected combi-calc configuration that could give superior calculations 더킹카지노.

I have a lot of poker calculators available today, and I can firmly inform you now, that the calculations are served in any one of them should rank quite low in your decision making process. Firstly, most of them calculate within fractions of each other, thus making this buying rather homogenous factor. Secondly, whether it’s 3 percentage points or 7, you just can’t confuse 63os with KK. All of the competitive products are at least mathematically, and there lies the true value of your poker calculator. It allows you to evolve around your competition, as well as solid odds play. One without being like sitting naked at the poker table. You might as well let it all show.

My friend George became a game. It’s a critical error that leads to strategic disadvantages that your opponents will simply nail you with bluffing out of pots. George debated with me about win odds, pot odds, EV, turn, and river odds, when I certain a number of numbers become inconsequential when the human game begins, and threading hairs here will do nothing for his game. George would probably be better off playing sudoku.

The Holdem Indicator is a new poker calculator that helps in the odds and mind games, shows odds, pot odds, EV ratings and ratings, but also tracks your opponents tendencies and applies a profile icon that you can use against them while playing a hand. There is a free offer for this product on my website and works with all major poker sites.

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